World Atlas of Wine

Hailed by critics worldwide as extraordinary and irreplaceable, there are few volumes that have had as monumental an impact in their field as Hugh Johnson s The World Atlas of Wine sales have exceeded four million copies, and it is now published in thirteen languages.World renowned authors Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson once again combine their unrivalled talents to enhance this masterpiece of wine knowledge There are now 48 extra pages, including 17 new color illustrations, 20 new maps, and for the first time ever double page spreads and full page photos in the atlas section for maximum visual impact New World coverage has been extended for both Australia and South America some New World regions even have their own entries for the first time, including Rutherford, Oakville, and Stag s Leap from California Mendoza Argentina Limestone Coast Australia Central Otago and Martinborough New Zealand and Constantia South Africa And Old World coverage has grown too, with the addition of Toro Spain , the Peleponnese Greece , and Georgia It s a truly incomparable book, and an essential addition to every wine lover s or professional s library.
World Atlas of Wine Hailed by critics worldwide as extraordinary and irreplaceable there are few volumes that have had as monumental an impact in their field as Hugh Johnson s The World Atlas of Wine sales have exceeded

  • Title: World Atlas of Wine
  • Author: Hugh Johnson
  • ISBN: 1845333012
  • Page: 249
  • Format: reli
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    1. livre anglophone relié rigide grand format ancien (1985/1971) consacré aux différents vins du monde; l'ouvrage traite le sujet en 169 double pages thématiques réparties en sept sections:I introduction (43p/18chap)II choisir et servir du vin (14p/7chap)IIIFrance (82p/50chap)IVAllemagne (28p/14chap)V Europe méditerranéenne (74p/44chap)VINouveau Monde (44p/26chap)VIISpiritueux (30p/10chap)cette encyclopédie ancienne mais extrêmement complète et bien illustrée ravira tous les amateurs de [...]

    2. Les premieres impressions sur le livre sont tres positives, en effet, on y trouve toutes sortes d'information detaillees ainsi que des cartes geographiques. Le livre est tres complet. Mon ami adore ce cadeau

    3. The World Atlas of Wine.This book answers everything you have ever wondered about wine!The maps are all extremely detailed and it adds an extra dimension to the book making it so much more interesting.I never expected a book to have this many geological details and I'm also impressed that the authors are really great experts in wine, winery, and wine culture. Great piece which deserves to be owned by every wine lover out there

    4. Authors Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson have done wonders with the Seventh Edition of The World Atlas of Wine. In quoting my son who received the book as a birthday gift, "it is a coffee table book you can actually learn from." The graphics are exceptional with the maps clearly supporting the accompanying text. Its educational value is the publication's principal asset. For my purposes, I read about areas (re: France) I don't know well. But even the most experienced oenophile will gain knowledg [...]

    5. I already had one of these World Atlas of Wines Books. My friend loved it so I purchased it for a Christmas gift. He absolutely loved it.Although there are several editions to this book, I liked this one for it's affordability and appearance.Side note. Watch different sellers for the best pricing on this book. I purchased mine for approximately $16 on Prime last fall. Then saw it priced at $49.95 from another seller so I waited and shopped around until I came across this one for my gift giving. [...]

    6. Extremely authoritative wine atlas. It covers the history of wine, descriptions of vines and grape varieties, and wine production methods. Also, almost all of the wine growing regions throughout the world are covered in detail, with detailed maps showing important wineries in each region. This is the perfect gift for a person who enjoys learning about the world of wine

    7. This book was a gift for somebody that truly loves wine. Every time I see him he reminds me of how great the book is and how interesting it is to read. The illustrations and maps are beautiful, so just opening the book at a random page and reading provides a very pleasant experience. This hardcover book is great to have in your personal library, or on top of the coffee table if you enjoy wine. Or if you would like to give it as a gift to someone that loves wine, you will not be disappointed!

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