The art of ray harryhausen/anglais

In An Animated Life Aurum, 2003 Ray Harryhausen told the story of his career as the acknowledged grandmaster of special effects in the pre computer era, the creator of classics such as One Million Years BC, Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of Titans In this new book the focus is not on the movies themselves, but on the vast hoard of artwork which Harryhausen has carefully preserved in his London home These include preliminary sketches, elaborate drawings of key scenes and carefully plotted storyboards, all produced as he sought backing for his next venture and prepared to undertake the laborious task of animating the prehistoric creatures, aliens and mythical monsters which stole scene after scene from the human actors There are also the tiny, elaborately articulated models which Harryhausen created to play these roles and the bronzes which he cast to preserve their forms in perpetuity This stunning array of images is a tribute to the scope of Harryhausen s imagination and his artistic skills which no student of special effects or cinema history will want to be without.
The art of ray harryhausen anglais In An Animated Life Aurum Ray Harryhausen told the story of his career as the acknowledged grandmaster of special effects in the pre computer era the creator of classics such as One Million Yea

  • Title: The art of ray harryhausen/anglais
  • Author: Ray Harryhausen
  • ISBN: 1845137124
  • Page: 130
  • Format: broch
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    1 thought on “The art of ray harryhausen/anglais”

    1. Je m'attendais à un livre complet, des descriptions, des photos, des dessins de Ray, et c'est exactement ça, que demander de plus ?Aucuns regrets !

    2. Rarely does a man come along that is as influential to a specific field or occupation or art form that has such a impact as Ray Harryhausen!! Many could argue that Willis O'Brien should alone be credited with the advent of stop motion animation, but I believe that Ray Harryhausen's film's have influenced a much wider audience. Mr. Harryhausen gives credit where credit is due & this book not only showcases Ray's work but offer's a generous look at Willis O'Brien's work as well! Ray Harryhausen [...]

    3. This book reads like a expanded version of Ray's FILM FANTASY SCRAPBOOK! Ray describes in detail the processes involved in making his movies and the influence of such artists as Charles R. Knight whose depiction of dinosaurs was a big influence on both Harryhausensen and Disney when it comes to the Rite Of Spring of FANTASIA. When Ray made EVOLUTION he abanded the project after seeing Disney's dinosaurs! Ray prefered the surreal quality of his stop motion over the realism of today's CGI animatio [...]

    4. This is must reading for animators. This is a nice hardback book with dust cover with 230 pages. There is plenty of text in Ray's own words and enough images to satisfy the fans.The book is divided into the following chapters:Setting the SceneInfluences and InspirationsMasks, Monsters and MayhemThe Formative YearsFairy Tales-My Teething RingsAllo-RexZeus ComplexAliens-The Epitome of ApotamyLegendsOther Adventures'It's Fine Stuff, But it Will Rot'If you are a stop motion animator I would suggest [...]

    5. While Ray Harryhausen is known for his clay animation characters his artwork and creature creation talents are amazing. Great look at the art and the man behind the revolution in movie special effects.

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