Perl by Example 2Ed (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))

Through proven sample programs, professional Perl trainer Ellie Quigley takes you from your first program to highly sophisticated Perl scripting She shows how Perl can be a convenient substitute for utilities like grep, awk, sed, tr, shells and C, and how it can serve the specific needs of system administrators Perl by Example even shows you how to script complex networking and interprocess communications tasks.
Perl by Example Ed Prentice Hall engl Titel Through proven sample programs professional Perl trainer Ellie Quigley takes you from your first program to highly sophisticated Perl scripting She shows how Perl can be a convenient substitute for u

  • Title: Perl by Example 2Ed (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
  • Author: Ellie Quigley
  • ISBN: 0136556892
  • Page: 451
  • Format:
  • Perl programming news, code and culture Legal Perl and the authors make no representations with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of all work on this website and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. BBBike Download der Offline Version von BBBike Perl Tk mit interaktiver Karte Luft auf Linux, Un x, Mac OS X und Windows. Perl by Example David Medinets Perl by Example offers a reasonably paced introduction to programming in Perl at a level accessible to readers with no prior programming experience. Perl Perl . was released on March , Major changes included bit support, Unicode string representation, support for files over GiB, and the our keyword. Perl programming documentation perldocrl Perl version . documentation Core documentation for Perl version in HTML and PDF formats To find out what s new in Perl , read the perldelta manpage. perlipc perldocrl perldocrl Official documentation for the Perl programming language Bottles of Beer Language Perl The song bottles of beer programmed in than different programming languages, from APL to BASIC, to Brainfuck, INTERCAL, FORTRAN, C or Java This project is similiar to the Rosetta stone Shell Wrappers Linux Documentation Project . Shell Wrappers A wrapper is a shell script that embeds a system command or utility, that accepts and passes a set of parameters to that command. Perl Regular Expressions by Example Somacon Perl Regular Expressions by Example Introduction Regular expressions are very powerful tools for matching, searching, and replacing text Unfortunately, they are also very obtuse. Perl while Loop In this example, we place the while loop statement after another statement However, Perl evaluates the statements from right to left, which means Perl evaluates the condition in the while statement at beginning of each iteration first.

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    1. This was my first Perl book. At the time I was first using it, I barely knew what programming was(not that I do now). The examples helped me solve many problems, but they were solved the way the author would have solved them. The other reviewers are right, there are errors in the examples, but despite that, the book gave me what I hope to be a good first look at how problems can be solved. I have since moved on to Programming Perl, and Advanced Perl Programming(both O'Reilly). If it was [...]

    2. This book is wonderful. Different books will suit different people, and for different purposes of course. While searching for a Perl book I was looking specifically for one that would teach Perl quickly and concisely--so I would be able to implement it immediately. Later, if I desire to search out understanding at a deeper level I would peruse the Camel books or the other ones that can beat around the bush for scores of pages before arriving at a useful example. This book however, is for tho [...]

    3. If you are going to buy many books on Perl this might be one to buy early. It plods through some simple examples.If you only plan to buy one Perl book, keep looking. This is not a good reference. You only get glimpses of topics, and information is hard to find.If you only want to learn enough perl to solve a particular problem, keep looking, unless of course your problem happens to be like one of the examples.

    4. Please do not waste your money on Perl By Example. It is very referency and not as good as Perl POD. If you must by this style of book at least look at the similarly titled Perl 5 By Example written by the same writer. There are several other Perl books worth getting. If you do not have all the O'Reilly books then go get those. Then get Effective Perl.

    5. Perl by Example seems to be great at first glance, but actually it's not, when you read carefully into it.The author tried to use examples to illustrate her ideas. However, due to the enormous amount of errors in the examples, I can hardly trust them. I'm wondering whether the author has tried her code on a real machine. Or maybe the code worked at a certain point, but got changed during the author's revision or printing. Thanks to my background in C/C++, I can identify some errors easily. Y [...]

    6. As someone who learns best by seeing and doing rather than reading abstract theory and explanation, this book is a God-send! Each example is broken down line by line with clear explanations so you can understand exactly what each programming element does. It's the first book to really show me a tangible example of object-oriented Perl that isn't easier as a standard subroutine. This is not a cookbook, but clarifies many programming language features that the Camel book discusses on a "more eleva [...]

    7. I read this on itlibrary, so I can't say anything about the cd but I can say it was a good book. The use of examples put the things learned to use instead of letting people ask "So what? ". However, I think more attention should've been spent on sockets, and nothing on named pipes was mentioned. Overall this is a good reference and is great for someone just starting to learn perl, or a unix guy wanting to know more functions and how to use them.

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